On the drunk driving thing again.

“Hey Coke Talk Woman. You’re awesome. I really like what you do — even if you turn out to be a fake, your advice and opinions on sex, drugs and a lot of other stuff is pretty rational, well-considered, and fucking hilarious. Likewise, you look like you really considered this topic as well. But, respectfully, I think you’re wrong…”

[Continued. Click here for essdogg’s full rebuttal.]

Hey Essdogg. Thank you for thinking I’m awesome. I genuinely appreciate that you like what I do. I dig your vibe as well. Your arguments are cogent, rational, and backed up with legit statistics.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more with your rebuttal to my drunk driving post. We’re completely on the same page. If that seems contradictory, it’s probably because you think I’m somehow endorsing my actions. I’m not.

None of what I wrote was a defense for my irresponsible behavior, just an admission of it. I was giving reasons, not excuses. It’s a subtle difference, but again, it’s all about personal accountability.

I know damn well that what I did was wrong. I’m not claiming moral high ground. I’m just being brutally honest about some of the stupid shit I’ve done.

Honestly, the drunk driving post has been bugging me all day. I’ve noticed a few folks have taken it as affirmation for their own stupid behavior, and that really fucks with my head. I’m still getting used to the fact that a shit ton of people are reading this thing now, and most of them aren’t operating at my level.

I suppose it’s wise to remind everyone once in a while that I’m just a shallow coke whore who talks shit on the internet. Sure, I’ve got more brains than the average party girl, but I’m in no way a fucking role model.

I don’t want anybody justifying ignorant shit just because I’ve gotten away with it once or twice. Swim at your own risk, kids. There’s no lifeguard at this hot tub.


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