On sugar babies.

Okay, my friend and I (we’re both freshman in college) had this crazy idea one day that we would find Sugar Daddies and that would be the end of all our financial worries. With that, we started on a quest to find them and came across a website that seeks to arrange Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships. Naively, we didn’t think that Sugar Daddies were all about sex but we have quickly discovered Sugar Babies are really just discreet, well-paid part-time prostitutes. We’ve both gotten tons of offers to be pampered and spoiled by some middle-age businessman in exchange for occasional sex and “companionship” (whatever that means). My friend thinks it could be fun, having one Sugar Daddy and putting out for him in exchange for thousands of dollars. But I’m very hesitant to do such a thing, even though the money is tempting. What do you think? How do I go about doing such a thing without losing my dignity or becoming emotionally involved (even though that’s very likely)? Is that even possible?

Naively. Yep, you nailed it. That word pretty much sums up your whole world.

What do you want me to tell you, kiddo? Sugar daddies aren’t benevolent father figures who want to pay your tuition and listen to you talk about your day. They’re rich old men who want to fuck.

Oh, and call yourself what you like, but all prostitutes are discreet, well paid, and part-time. If they were careless, unpaid, and full-time they’d be called wives *badum-CHING*.

I suppose there’s an innocent charm to the term “sugar babies,” but it doesn’t change the fact that you and your friend will be whoring yourselves out for cash and shiny objects.

If that brutal truth is too much to handle, then wish your friend the best and back away from this idea. You can’t afford to have any illusions if you’re gonna do stuff like this. You will be prostituting yourself. That’s fine. Really, I’m not judging, but everybody else will. Count on it.


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