On the drunk girl.

So here’s the deal coketalk. I’ve slept with two guys in the same flat in the course of a few months. They were both just casual sex and its not awkward at all between anyone. We’re in dorms and so I see these guys pretty often at predrinks and such. The thing is, one of the girls attending these predrinks gets to be quite a loud-mouth when she’s drunk and always says inappropriate things in front of everyone like asking who was better/bigger etc. making an awkward situation. She’s always talking about sex when she’s drunk and its just sort of the way she is, I don’t think she can help it. Plus I think if I confronted her one-on-one she’d just somehow manipulate what I said when telling all her girl friends and just create bigger problems. How do I play it off in front of everyone without showing embarrassment?

Own that shit. You have no reason to feel embarrassed, so don’t. If you can’t help but feel embarrassment, own that shit too. Don’t try and play it off. Acknowledge it.

Awkwardness only happens when people are trying to pretend there’s not an elephant in the room. Fuck that shit. Point at it and laugh, because I promise you, there is no hiding it.

Just shake your head and tell the dumb bitch to handle her liquor. You don’t have to be confrontational, and you don’t have to be mean. In fact, the cooler the better.

Remind her that nobody likes the loud-mouth drunk girl at the party. Call her out on her tacky behavior. Make it about her.


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