On grocery store lube.

For many months I have had trouble getting wet with my sexy and all around 5 star boyfriend. Once we tried some KY lube and it severely burned me and my partner’s genitals. What the fuck? It was bullshit! I think lube would help us a lot but I haven’t been inspired to shop around for any since that incident. Why did that happen, and what product can I trust?

You probably used KY Intense or Kissable Sensations or some other bullshit grocery store product line that tries to convince you that a mild chemical burn is a “warming and tingling sensation.” Fuck that.

If you insist on buying your lube from the same place you buy your beer, go with the basics. Just get Astroglide or KY Liquid. Don’t get distracted by colorful packaging, and never buy anything with warming, cooling, tingling, or flavored on the label.

I’ve recommended it before, but if you want the good stuff, there’s still no better brand than Sliquid. My personal favorite has always been Sliquid Silk.


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