On the end of trump

Am I wrong for thinking Trump needs to suffer and die in a very public way in order to atone the world for what we’ve gone through?

You’re wrong to imagine there could be any societal atonement in the suffering and death of one man. It’s an easy mistake to make in a culture steeped in Christian dogma, but that’s not how the world really works.

Don’t worry, though. There is plenty of room for justice. Aside from the gigantic fuck-pile of state and federal charges Trump and his associates will eventually face, Trump’s personal hell will begin with the unrelenting social exile he and his family will face the very second he leaves office. He will live out the rest of his orange-tinted days in a post-presidential prison, surrounded by psychopaths, sycophants, and other assorted lickspittle, unable to leave his own crumbling shit-hole properties without facing a wall of seething hatred, or worse, total fucking indifference from celebrities and world leaders who are happy to pretend he’s not even in the room.

His life will become a wasteland of permanent irrelevance as the rest of us go about our days erasing any trace of his presidency, strengthening the foundations of the institutions he damaged, and ensuring that his legacy is cast as little more than America’s brief, slightly painful, and magnificently stupid brush with fascism at the hands of an addled, narcissistic clown.


17 thoughts on “On the end of trump

    • MN says:

      I know. My cynicism these days makes me feel like this would be too good to be true but hell… I’ll believe in it.

    • ojoy blood says:

      It is entirely optimistic. The left is gonna fuck this next election up again. Maybe we can achieve this at the end of Trump’s second term, assuming we survive that long.

        • ojoy blood says:

          They always seem to be. And yet, so incredibly smug all the time. Resting on their fucking laurels again, just like they did in 2016. And just like in 2016, they’re gonna have the audacity to express surprise when Trump wins again. This country’s a fucking joke, and Trump and his shitsucking little leech followers aren’t the only reason we’re in the shit we’re in right now.

          • wwaxwork says:

            I mean 48% of the population couldn’t be arsed to vote in the election so they had a little help fucking it up.

          • heather says:

            Uh, americans who can’t stop gobbling up conspiracy theories, who voted for Jill fucking Stein, who couldn’t take Bernies cock out of their mouth for 15 seconds and who in 2016 straight-face said that Trump wouldn’t do as much damage to america as Clinton would have are the reasons trump won.

            Eat your fucking vegetables and vote for Biden. You are not blameless here. It isn’t “their” fault. It’s all of ours. If trump wins again, it’s your fault, not the party of the ideals of the majority of people who are gerrymandered, voter suppressed, and lacking any power to change anything because a bunch of morons running propaganda networks brainwashed you to blame it all on democrats, the only political party that is trying to keep you from dying sick and homeless in the street.

          • Maude's The Name says:

            I live in a state that’s going to Biden for sure, so if I vote for Joanne Jorgensen how am I causing Trump to win the Electoral College?

    • Cuttlefish says:

      That is exactly what I came here to say. I needed to hear that, even if I’m not entirely convinced he’ll face any real consequences (or even lose the election in November). It feels good to let in a little optimism from someone as sharp as Coke.

      • Swanson says:

        I thought the same thing, until I remembered she was singing the same tune before the last election. A lot of tough “we’re coming for you, you brokedick motherfucker” just like now.

        For a minute I took solace in the fact that millennials and gen z will outnumber boomers I’m Texas and I wanna say Georgia? For the first time ever. The more I see of gen z, though…no.

        I wish I could burn the whole fucking circus down.

  1. The End says:

    No. It’s all going to get so much worse and your institutions will continue to crumble.

    Even in the eventuality that Biden becomes President, he is the equivalent of trying to put a lid on a pot of boiling water.

  2. Chris says:

    Re-visiting this post, and have to disagree.

    Recent presidents committed crimes that came out during their presidency (not after, but during), and they served 2 terms, and then went on to be very rich and famous. They pardoned their associates where they could.

    Trump’s big loss happened in 2016: He was all set to start a cable channel. It would have been HUGE! He’d have cleaned up like crazy, and then gave speeches to giant audiences for money instead of doing it for free like a fucking chump.

    He is certainly out of a good number of celebrity circles that let him in before, but will not be legally punished.

    And if he lives long enough, we’ll like him, just like how Michelle Obama is besties with George W. Bush, who is an enormous scumbag living off of money from insider trading and Saudi Arabia.

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