On the ex-girlfriend stash.

I’m dating a 28 year old who kept all of his ex girlfriends weird-ass sex toys in a dresser drawer after 4 months of being apart. Do you think he’s just lazy or waiting for her to come back so they can have some kinkysexytimes?

Relax, sweetie.

All single guys have a drawer in their closet filled with ex-girlfriend shit. It’s a universal truth, just like all guys have a bedside stash of condoms, and all guys have a secret collection of porn.

It was bound to be something — a leftover piece of jewelry, some lingerie, an old t-shirt, or in your case, a few sex toys. Big deal. Nothing to worry about.

Most guys go to the trouble of hiding the ex-girlfriend drawer. It’s actually a good sign that your man doesn’t give enough of a fuck to bother making it a secret.

Oh, and here’s a little parting gift for you: don’t refer to them as “weird-ass” sex toys when he’s around. It sounds negative and judgmental, and you probably don’t want him thinking that you’re any less wild in bed than his ex-girlfriend.


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