On the myth of a better financial position

My husband and I really want to start a family. I’m 30 and he’s 34. We have a combined annual income of around $110,000 but have debt of nearly $50,000. I’m scared that if we wait a couple of years until we are in a better financial position, we don’t have a lot of time up our sleeves if we have problems conceiving. On the other hand, if we start trying now I’m afraid that we’ll set ourselves up to live in a financial black hole for the next 20 years. Please Coquette, give it to me straight.

You two are a couple of salary earners, right? Yeah, the next twenty years are going to be a financial black hole no matter what you do, so if you insist on breeding, you might as well go ahead and get it over with.

Good luck clinging to the middle class.


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