On the obvious choice

Med school, peace corps, or theology grad school?

Really? A priest, a hippie, or a doctor? Gee, I wonder which of those three the world needs more.

Don’t be an asshole. Go to medical school.

If you still want to save the third world in a few years, feel free to join Doctors Without Borders. Those bad ass motherfuckers eat peace corps pussies for breakfast.

Oh, and it should be explicitly stated: if you choose to waste your time with an advanced degree in theology when you’re capable of becoming a medical doctor, you are the world’s worst kind of asshole.


One thought on “On the obvious choice

  1. KestrelQ says:

    Sometimes when I’m reading CT, I like to amuse myself by trying to guess what you do in your “real life” (or what you did, if you’re able to support yourself with your CT stuff at this point). I usually settle on something in the realm of law, politics, or journalism. Now, based on the unambiguously positive view of doctors and medical school displayed in this answer, I feel pretty comfortable scratching the entire health care industry off of the list of possibilities.

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