On theology

I’m curious about something you said in “On the Obvious Choice”.  I’m a sophomore in college majoring in fine art, because its what I love to do and what makes me happy.  I’m intelligent; I score in the 99 percentile on every standardized test I take (not that that means a whole lot).  I could be a doctor if I wanted to or an engineer or whatever.  Does that fact make me “the world’s worst kind of asshole?” Where does doing what you love and following your dream come in?

Intelligent though you may be, you’ve missed my point.

Of course, do what you love. Follow your dreams. The world needs artists as much as it needs doctors and engineers. You’ve chosen a noble field, and given your talents I’m sure you’ll make the world a better place.

My comment was aimed at theology, a ridiculous field of study for those who have surrendered their rational thought to the corrupt and inherently anti-intellectual institution of religion, but who nonetheless wish to putter through the halls of academia pursuing pseudo-philosophical whimsy.

Let me make a further distinction between theology and religious studies. I’m all for religious studies. It has sociological and anthropological value, and it’s an academic discipline worthy of respect.

The difference is that theology requires a level of religious faith, or at the very least a commitment to the underlying truth of whatever religion is being studied. That’s where I draw the line and call bullshit. So yeah, this is me being harsh on theology. It’s my opinion, and I only offer it because I was asked.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to waste a graduate level education dissecting the irrational nuances of your imaginary friend in the sky, I consider you an asshole, and if you do so when you had the means and opportunity to enter a legitimate profession where you could have otherwise been saving lives, I consider you the worst kind of asshole.

But hey, I’m a total bitch, so what do I know?

Seriously, I just got back from a screening in Malibu, and I’m still kinda drunk. I just re-read this shit, and while I’m pretty sure I’m getting my point across, I also want to double-down on the whole follow-your-dreams thing.

Really. Do what you love in this life, and don’t let people like me make you second guess yourself. Even assholes should follow their dreams. That’s what makes the world go ‘round.

Okay. I’m just gonna shut up and go to bed now.


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