On the peace corps

Why do you see the Peace Corps as the primary direction the art school reject should take in light of the recent criticisms the Peace Corps has faced in the last few years for perpetuating poverty and functioning more as a performance than a true service activity?

Seriously? Of all the legitimate social injustice in the world, you cynical assholes are really gonna jump on the Peace Corps like it’s some Kony 2012 shit? Ugh. Of course you are.


What’s so great about the Peace Corps? I don’t honestly see the correlation between denial of worldly possessions and working for an international development organization funded by the world’s most powerful country/imperial superpower.

I was really just using the Peace Corps as an ideological placeholder for selflessly dedicating one’s life to volunteer service, but hey, thanks for shitting all over my point.


The Peace Corps? Seriously? I know you’re not naive enough to believe that it is anything other than a capitalist tool to facilitate expansion through “white man’s burden” ideology.

Allow me to teach you a lesson in capitalist tools. First, go out and buy yourself a big white dildo. Then, using a permanent marker, write the following line of wisdom all around the shaft:

“We are surrounded by capitalist tools. The trick is not using them for their intended purpose.”

Now take the dildo, and go fuck yourself.


My best friend did get rid of all her worldly possessions and join the Peace Corps. She’s been in Ethiopia for two years now, and it’s the best decision she’s ever made. Your advice was sound. It’s a brilliant fucking move, no sarcasm.

Cool, cool. Unfortunately, a bunch of insufferable twats have smarmy political opinions that need validating, so you should probably let your friend know that her service is really just a performance that naively perpetuates poverty and facilitates the expansion of “white man’s burden” ideology.

I mean, it’s not like she went out into the world and dedicated her life to actually helping people or anything.


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