On the rules of attraction.

I just wanted to ask you to speak more on “on a girl code violation.” My best friend is a guy (I’m a gal) and he had a fling with another guy. After that ended, the two of us got involved, harmless fucking. It stopped and now the boyfriend is back in the picture and I’m the “other woman.” I lost both of them as friends, even the one I considered my best friend, who I fucked, because they agree I hurt the boyfriend, just as the previous girl was saying she was hurt.

I don’t see myself as pathetic, they broke up and I wasn’t that close to the boyfriend anyway. If he had cheated with me I’d get it, but the relationship was over..move the fuck on. It was the boyfriend who fucked another person immediately after getting out of a longterm relationship. Why I am the “pathetic” one deserving pity? Isn’t the boyfriend in both situations the asshole?

The relationship obviously wasn’t over. If it was, they wouldn’t be back together. A break-up isn’t necessarily the same thing as the end of a relationship, and a best friend should know the damn difference.

Besides, what the fuck are you doing hopping in the sack with your best friend right after he comes out of a long term relationship? You’re insane to think that king of thing is harmless, and you’re an idiot if you think it’s consequence free.

Fucking him may not have been cheating, but only by a technicality. It was still a monumentally sketchy move on both your parts, one that you were too stupid or too thoughtless to know was a mistake. Either way, tough shit.

All three of you sound like assholes from a Bret Easton Ellis novel, but if you’re wondering why you are the pathetic one deserving pity, it’s because you’re basically a fag hag who got rebound fucked and then tossed out like garbage.

That sucks, babe, but maybe this will teach you the real meaning of “fling” and “harmless fucking.”


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