On the second weekend

Please help me. I purchased weekend two wristbands for Coachella and am unclear on whether weekend two is actually going to be okay. I’m traveling there with a girlfriend, my third Coachella and her first, and she is unavailable to go weekend one. I’m picturing no lush polo field grass left and performers that aren’t taking it as seriously as weekend one. Thoughts?? I know I’m spoiled as fuck, but $400 is a lot to spend if it’s going to be far inferior.


Are you kidding me? The second weekend is always better. Always. The preening children have all gone home, the artists are trying to top their previous week’s performance, and everyone is more chill.

I’ll admit that the first weekend has more energy, but the crowd is also tainted with an aggressive self-absorption that can easily bleed some of the fun out of it. That goes doubly for this year’s first weekend, because it will be filled with a bunch of Gen X pilgrims who absolutely positively have to be at the first reunion shows of LCD and GNR.

Nah, if I go this year, it will only be to the second weekend. Trust me on this. You accidentally made the right decision.


8 thoughts on “On the second weekend

    • Jen says:

      Check. I’m especially excited for Black Madonna. She hails from Smartbar in Chicago, where I came up as a baby music head. She is a veteran dj, just getting lots of exposure in the past year or so, and a feminist that supports women djs and producers. More importantly than that, in her capable hands, the Despacio soundsystem is going to melt my fucking face off in Yuma. Perhaps I will see some of you during weekend two. <3

  1. Jen says:

    I had the most fantastic time with my friends on the trampled weekend two grass. Despacio was like a spaceship womb where everyone was constantly smiling. And for being griefstricken, at least I was in the most understanding community possible. So many beautiful tributes happened that made me cry and laugh, starting with hearing Raspberry Beret when we walked into Despacio after getting through the gate and then watching the sun set onto all purple palm trees. What an experience. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated and right on all counts.

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