On the shit people put up with.

You’ll probably tear me apart for this but I love a christian girl. She’s so damn mature and has none of that normal drama all the young girls around me have. I don’t mind not having sex, I mean I really fucking want to have sex with her but it’s fine just hanging around, messing around but not there yet.

What bothers me are kinda people like you. Don’t get me wrong, love your kind of girl. Mature shit, ethical, sexy. I have an ex fuck buddy, current friend, bitching at me about her constantly. She reads your blog, got me into it at first.

I just don’t give a shit that my girl is christian, she’s damn sweet, she doesn’t force any of it on me besides not having sex and I’m okay with that. I’ve been masturbating like hell for a year and I’m okay with it.

Your girlfriend is under the ridiculous delusion that an omnipotent, paternalistic supernatural creator of the entire universe has some dictatorial shame-based interest in what she does with her vagina, and not only are you okay with that, but you’re willing to repress a natural and healthy expression of your own sexuality out of respect for her insanity?

Whatever, dude. You’re the one writing to me to apologize on her behalf. You’re the one who managed to get pussy whipped without getting any pussy.

Live your life however you want to live it. That shit’s none of my business, really. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking she’s not leveraging sex like any average gold-digger.


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