On thinking outside her box.

so I hung out with this guy who I like’s girlfriend (with him) and something happened worse then her being a bitch. We had an alpha female moment in the beginning (aka she stared me down for a moment) But, she was really nice to me and complimented my eyes. Wanted to hate her damn it. Anyway, now that I can’t…ahem…morally…ahem… swoop in and steal him, should I just fuck it and get over it? In all honesty, I’m really in it for the nookie, being that I’m in college and a virgin and just want to fuck already.

Why not have your cake and eat her too?

The girlfriend already seems cool, so be straight up with her. Let her know that you respect their relationship, so you’re asking her permission for something a little freaky and fun.

Tell her you’ve always wanted to lose your virginity in a threesome, and that you think they’d be the perfect couple.

If you ask the right way, I think you’d be surprised to find her open to the idea.

College is for experimenting, after all, and for the rest of your life you’d have an amazing story to the question of how you lost your virginity.


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