On three little words.

I (31 yrs old) told my partner (23 yrs old) of 2+ months yesterday that I love him (because I do). He didn’t reciprocate the verbalization, but he acted very happy- smiling from ear to ear, hugging me, laying on top of me, making out, etc. When asked, he said that it didn’t freak him out and that everything’s fine; i have nothing to worry about.

While he hasn’t yet said the words “i love you” to me, has has called me “lover, love” in text messages and emails. He’s very affectionate and seems very VERY into me.

My question to you: Is it a big deal when one partner doesn’t feel ready to drop the “L” word when the other one does?

Nope, not a big deal. It’s just a word. In fact, it’s better that he’s emotionally honest enough not to drop it out of some misaligned sense of semantic obligation.

You would have sensed if it threw things off balance. It didn’t, which most likely means he’s well on his way, but just not there yet.

There’s no rush. Savor this phase in your relationship. It’s a heady mix of novelty and vulnerability.

The day will come when every phone call ends with “I love you too.” I’m not saying the coffee gets stale, but it never tastes quite as good as freshly ground.


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