On trust and privacy.

He snooped and read my diary and found some pretty dicey stuff about how I feel about our relationship (e.g. not sure he’s the guy for me)…. Then he broke into my facebook and found my flirtations with an old ex whom I have no intentions with that meant nothing, but now I’m just pissed that he violated my privacy. I’m paying for it—we’re fighting. I realize it’s wrong to strike up an emotional relationship with an ex, but honestly it was benign.  My boyfriend violated my privacy and somehow I’m in the doghouse. How do I defend myself?

Fuck defending yourself. Just break up with him. That’ll change his tune.

Besides, the mutual respect in the relationship is crumbling anyway, and you’ve both just lost a lot of trust in the other. Why bother limping along after this kind of bullshit if he’s not the guy for you?

If you break it off and neither of you looks back, well then clearly it was time. If you break it off and he immediately starts apologizing and begging for you to come back, feel free to take it under consideration.

Either way, set a precedent for violations of your privacy. Don’t put up with that shit for a second.


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