On wasting everybody’s time

Oh Coquette. I feel so ill-equipped for monogamy. I’m four years into a relationship I won’t end until I’m certain he won’t be alone and that day may never come. Meanwhile I fantasize about falling in love with other men, pursuing those romances in a real way. It’s all fun and games until the most compelling of all my fantasies started expressing his own matching feelings.

I don’t want to turn our lives upside-down. My mantra is a litany of reasons why not. And still my mind keeps turning and my pussy keeps aching for this other man. I’m in my current dissatisfied relationship because of similar short-sightedness in the past. I don’t want to be a sociopath. Lay it on me Coquette.

You’re not a sociopath. You’re just a whiny, self-absorbed little drama queen.

If you’re ill-equipped for monogamy, then open up your relationship. If you’re not cool enough to do that, then either break up with your current boyfriend or shut the fuck up and be content with the dude you settled for.

Whatever you do, quit being so weak. You’re wasting your life not doing what makes you happy, and you’re wasting everybody’s time hemming and hawing over what makes your stupid pussy ache.


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