On wearing a mask

Do you think there is any threat, at all, of being required to wear masks in certain places becoming bigger and bigger until we live in some sort of messed up Gilead-esque nation?

I feel like some people see being required to wear masks as a small step towards our loss of freedom in bigger ways and that is why they are protesting against it.

If you’re worried about this country becoming Gilead, please aim your concern at the steady erosion of reproductive rights during the Trump administration. That should be what upsets you, not wearing a mask in the middle of a fucking pandemic.

The people who consider wearing a mask to be a “small step towards our loss of freedom” are selfish, coddled idiots easily influenced by fear-based, right-wing propaganda. They aren’t protesting. They are throwing tantrums, and they deserve to be ridiculed and ostracized. 


3 thoughts on “On wearing a mask

  1. Rocket Grunt says:

    You’d think the fact that people who have actually had their rights systemically violated for the entire history of our nation are protesting would give these guys some perspective, but they’re too narcissistic to care about anyone else even during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

  2. G says:

    I hate slippery slope arguments. They’re so rarely actually relevant to actual reality, especially when wielded by conservatives.

  3. So Tired says:

    We can’t travel almost anywhere in the world, and our government is dominated by pseudo Christian white supremacist misogynists, but wearing a mask (essentially a sneeze guard to protect each other) is what’s making this person think we’re turning into Gilead? Fuck’s sake.

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