On what to say.

I’m pro choice and one of my best friends is pro life. I’m fine with people having their own opinion on things but he takes his too far. He calles me a baby killer and if I ever become pregnant I’ll just abort all my babies.

He thinks he’s being funny and I’ve expressed multiple times that he isn’t but he won’t listen.

How do I get him to stop saying things like that?

Next time he mouths off, pick whichever one of these lines that feels most appropriate:

1. “According to your retarded bible logic, every time you jerk off in the shower you’re guilty of a dead baby holocaust.”

2. “Jesus would slap you like a little bitch for teasing me about abortion.”

3. “God just told me that he made your penis a little bit smaller. I didn’t even ask him to do it. God just thinks that kind of thing is hilarious.”


One thought on “On what to say.

  1. Valerie says:

    Guys like this are the type to spout off about big government. By saying, ‘I just don’t trust the government,’ he’ll initially stick to his guns, and then later say that this is the only reason to saying something pro-abortion, as though it was his own idea.

    Honestly, though, she shouldn’t talk to him anyway.

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