On white trash.

I have my girlfriend, we’ve being in this relationship for almost 6 years! My mom’s a shrink and she was her former patient. I started banging her when she was about 2 months pregnant .

She now has an adorable 5 year old kid and she is 21 years old. The thing is that I’ve cheated on her so many times with so many women I stopped counting after 10 women. STDs isn’t a problem because I’ve always protected myself and do check-ups every 6 months and always have come out clean… I get along very well with her son and he sees me as his father and I adore the kid. The thing is that I only feel attached to her because of her son because she’s kind of boring and likes to mother me around.

She gets pissed at me if I drink or say bad words like “fuck”. She hates the idea that I’m an atheist. She doesn’t like to go to a disco or something and feels uncomfortable around my friends because they like to have a few beers and/or say bad words. I got a tattoo and hell broke loose because I had a tattoo done. I have a car and a motorcycle and gets pissed when I ride my motorcycle and stuff like that. In other words she’s kinda conservative and I’m not. I don’t know what to do because if I break-up with her I know that she won’t let me see her son (which I adore) because she has implied it before. What can I do? I want to break-up with her but still see her son.

Gee, you swept a pregnant teenager off her bare feet and didn’t live happily ever after? Shocking. Who would’ve guessed you’d end up fighting over tattoos, motorcycles and bastard children?

It’s obvious that you neither love nor respect her, so just fucking end it already. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. If she uses the kid as a bargaining chip, call her out on it.

Regardless of what she says, when she discovers how difficult it is to find positive male role models as a nagging single mother, she’ll most likely let you back into the kid’s life.

Then again, you kind of sound like a dick, so maybe she won’t. Either way, the kid isn’t your problem, and it’s probably best that you’re not his sole example of how a man treats a woman.


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