On falling out of love

I was considering asking you a question such as the one on “unrequited love,” but since that’s been done I’m going to ask something that stems off of that: how does one in this situation fall OUT of love?

I am in the same situation (in love with a boy for years, blah blah blah) and although I have hooked up with others and tried going into actual relationships in hopes of forgetting him (or in hopes of falling out of love, take your pick) nothing seems to work.

I dont mean to come off as whiny; I consider myself a straightforward, smart, independent girl, but I think it’s sick that all my best character traits seem to disappear behind this love which he doesn’t seem to correspond.

I want with all my heart for this to stop. I need help.

Yeah, they don’t make pills for this.

It’s like all the questions I get from girls asking how to lose weight when we all know damn well that diet and exercise are the only things that work.

When it comes to falling out of love, time and distance are the only things that work. It’s just another one of those shitty things in life that’s incredibly hard to do.


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