On breaking up with a fuck buddy.

I’ve been fucking this guy who’s a lot older than me. He’s a great fuck buddy and all (he was my first casual sex experience) but there’s also this guy I’ve been long-term flirting with and have real feelings for and am about to start an actual relationship with. So what’s the best way to say goodbye to my fuck buddy? I don’t want it to have to end like “Hey babe, why don’t you come over tonight?” “Oh sorry, I have a boyfriend now.” I just feel like that’s a little too crass.

I’m so going to miss the way he fucks though, ugh.

Tell him just like that. Say, “I’m going to miss the way you fuck.”

Don’t wait for a booty call. Give him a ring and invite him to lunch. That’ll probably be unusual enough for him to ask why, and you can either choose to tell him over the phone or wait and do it in person.

Either way, he’ll understand. He’s older. He’s a fuck buddy. He knew it was inevitable that you’d move on. He’ll act happy and be respectful.

After all, he’ll want to be at the top of your rebound list when you break up with the new boy.


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