On why art school kids are annoying

I’m curious what your problem with art school is. I’m aware that a BFA isn’t really for everybody (or sometimes, even worse, is falsely made for everybody), but I’m unclear as to where your disgust for art school comes from.

I don’t have a disgust for art school, and the reason you’re often unclear about things is because you suffer from black-and-white thinking.

I was answering a much larger question from someone stuck wearing art school blinders. I had to smack them upside the head with a big crazy idea to make them realize that life is so much fucking bigger than a couple of art school rejection letters.


How would someone be dodging a bullet by not getting into art school? I got in a few years ago, owned it and was immediately put on a design degree without an interview, aced that too and now I’m in my dream job working as a designer and travelling the world.

If I hadn’t been to art school, learnt my shit, made good connections and worked my ass off, there’s no way I’d be where I am today. Maybe some have a different view of art school to what it really is, maybe Yale is pretentious and useless (I have no idea, I’m from Europe) but what I do know is the art school taught me a lot, including better process, ideas generation, fine art skills (that actually got me noticed for the job I have now) and most importantly, commerciality in art and design.

Ok fine, I seem offended by your comment, but really, I’m just saying art school can be brilliant, and it being a bullet to dodge isn’t something I could easily agree with.

Of course, of course. Not only was my advice completely wrong, but I failed to take into account your specific life experiences when answering that other person’s question that wasn’t even really about art school.

Congratulations on all your success, and I sincerely hope the world keeps revolving around you.


So you think art is a waste of time? Or only that being an artist is wasting your life?

No, silly. Art isn’t a waste time. Then again, being an artist might be a waste of your life, but only because you’re too stupid to understand the difference between being an artist and getting into art school.


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