On why everyone at work hates you

I accidentally let it slip that I think of people that liked the movie Gravity as the ones that fucked “the dumb girl.” I feel the movie pays lip service to science. So my issue is this; everyone at work hates me. Is there some weird trick for blending in with the herd without feeling oppressed? I’ve had this problem before in religious environments.

Yeah, I haven’t seen Gravity, but I have had a similar history of frustration when it comes to Sandra Bullock movies.

Still, I just blog about my opinions. I don’t go around acting like an arrogant jerk to people’s faces over something as trivial as a popcorn flick. There’s a time and a place to be a cunt, and it ain’t during water cooler talk at the office.

People hate you because you’re a dick. You refer to your co-workers as “the herd,” and you believe you’re special just because you have a different world view. Well, guess what? You work there too, numnuts.

You wanna know the weird trick for blending in? Simple. It’s called being kind to people. You could instantly and dramatically improve the quality of your life if you would stop walking around with a chip on your shoulder.

You’re not oppressed. You’re just an asshole. Get used to the world being full of people with different opinions.


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