On moving to new york

This happens to me every year during our industry cycle. Someone pops up and asks me if I want to work in New York. Is there anything you can say to help me figure out where I stand? I don’t know what my priorities should be because I feel triumphant or fucked either way I think about it. For every reason I come up with, there’s a counter. Being anywhere is exactly the same opportunity.

Holy shit, do I feel you. I struggle with this question every goddamned season.

If I moved to New York I could instantly double my salary. Plus, there are so many more opportunities for advancement in my industry. Honestly, I’ve almost gone and done it twice now.

I came really close this year. Really close — as in, I got rid of half my shit and started looking at apartments in lower Manhattan.

Ugh. I love spending time in New York, and I already have friends there, but living in that city is hard. Even at twice the salary I could only afford a tiny shoebox in the neighborhood I’d want. And I hate being cold. Hate it. Hate it.

Still, New York is the center of the fucking universe, and if I didn’t love LA so much, I would have already moved there long ago.

Triumphant or fucked either way. Yeah. That’s a perfect description. Damn, I wish I knew what to tell you.

Fucking hell. Lemme know what you decide.


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