On writing a bunch

You’ve been writing a bunch lately. I’m certainly not complaining. It’s been great. I’m curious if it has to do with your move? Did you change your profession? Do you have more free time because you’re still adjusting to your new surroundings, meeting new people, etc? Or is wherever you moved less busy and fast paced compared to LA? Or are you simply more invested in your blog than before? You are my favorite part of the internet, hands down.


All of those things. Every last one. (And thank you.)

Also, and this is particularly interesting, the number of submissions lately has exploded. I’m not sure why, but based on the quality and content of the questions, I think a whole new post-Tumblr audience may have stumbled onto Dear Coquette. So yeah, If you’re new, thanks for reading. I’m really glad you’re here.


17 thoughts on “On writing a bunch

  1. hm says:

    I won’t call it a peak, but the current iteration of your writing is mother fucking fantastic–honestly, watching this blog evolve from the tumblr responsible for Scarlett Johannson’s titties floating around tumblr has been a wild ride.

    I feel like I’ve grown up reading this–I guess I kind of have.

    • Livvid says:

      We all have. Which is why I’m glad CQ never monetized her blog, although she would have had every right to. It means she’s grown with us organically, unconcerned with SEO, clickthrough rates, etc. Of all the content that comes with self publishing platforms, this is among the few that really speaks to me.

      • A bit high says:

        This speaks to me. I feel like Coke is the big sister I never had. I am honestly terrified of the thought that I could have grown up without her. I started reading in my teens, and I’ve checked her blog daily ever since. Sometimes when she doesn’t write for a while, I feel like a part of my zen is missing. This new surge of writing has given me so much joy. I think her presence means more to most of us than she will ever know. Or maybe she does know, and that’s why she hasn’t ever stopped writing. Either way, it’s insane for me to think about how much I fucking LOVE some random anonymous stranger on the internet.

        • Rose says:

          Same here. I didn’t stumble onto her stuff maybe a year after college, and I so wish it had been earlier, but it was invaluable in my first few years as a fresh out of school 20-something with my head firmly jammed up my own ass. It actually scares me to think where I’d be right now without her.

          • Strangely Rational says:

            I wish she’d been around for the earlier stages of my life – I really needed it! But I’m 42 and have only been around here for the last couple of years. Still, there has been so much that’s been relevant (sometimes eerily so) and helpful to me.

            I happened to be busy and not come on the site for a couple of weeks, and it was quite a surprise when I saw that I had to go to page 2 to catch up! That made me very happy.

        • Lezza says:

          I’ve certainly grown up reading this after checking daily for what, 5-6 years now? Crazy. But I think more of her as the therapist I never had (but probably should have). Ha. Through her writing she has given me the tools to dissect myself, my thoughts, my problems. I can answer my own questions now… for the most part. I think differently because of Coquette -in a good way- and that’s a crazy big influence to have.

        • Chloe says:

          I feel the same way. I discovered her around my freshman year of high school. I’m 22 now, and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be the kind of person that I am today without her presence in my teen-hood. (I’m glad to hear that a whole new generation of people seem to be discovering her now!)
          The mood shift in her blog lately is fascinating, and it makes me so happy for her.

    • Definitely agree that I (and maybe most of us) grew up on CQ. I’m sure her shit has shaped my being in some way, but more as a catalyst than a candy mold tray. I think that’s why we love her so much–none of us are trying to be her, we’re all striving to be just as awesome.

      • hm says:

        Ah, yeah. That’s a great way to put it.

        Her writing has encouraged me to be more like me. I was such a little weirdo when I was 17 and picked up this site, and I’ve gotten to a place where I can use the unrefined essence of that to be cool.

        I’ve seen a lot of real shit in the time between, and sometimes her writing, as a constant, has helped me use the abyss as a blanket instead of losing myself in it.

    • CynicalGrey says:

      I wouldn’t say I grew up with Coke, but I definitely grew reading Coke. I always imagined her closer to my age (33) and as a best friend that held my hair and lovingly told me to get my shit together. Many times in my late 20’s, I found myself stuck in a room brimming with tears, pulling myself up with “What Would Coke Talk Do.” It’s that little mantra that keeps me keepin’ on.

      I suppose that’s the one lesson she would impart onto us. It’s not so much what she would do, rather what she would do is just /her/ best. And that’s all we can do.

  2. Barefootsie says:

    Ooh, I think I thought of another reason you’re writing so much:

    Are you procrastinating working on your book? 😉

  3. J Lynn says:

    It’s been great hearing from you so often!

    Any format is ok by me, but I do slightly prefer the new stand-alone site format to tumblr.

  4. tall basket says:

    Where are the WWCTD bracelets though? Will they ever make a Rennaisance? As “WWCQD”? W2CQD? Shit that sounds like a job app I’d fill out in a heartbeat.

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