On yet another shallow cunt.

I was in the top 15% of my highschool class. Now I’m in my 5th semester of college in NYC, have a mere 27 credits, and haven’t been to class since I turned 21. I’m constantly wallowing in existential angst, terribly unmotivated to grow up and get a normal job, and an inch too short to be a model. I’m thinking of just becoming a secretary, dressing provocatively then suing my boss for sexual harassment. Or maybe just becoming a house-wife. [fuck feminism, give me an allowance and a list of shit to get done before you get home…I get shallow marriage proposals every time I go out] Or maybe I’ll join the peace corps. What say you Dear Coke Talk?

shallow, and self-depricating

Yeah, life sucks when you’re beautiful in the big city.

You deserve an ass kicking — not just for being a shallow cunt, but also for completely missing the point. Fuck feminism? You don’t even know what the word means.

Screw the peace corps. Go enlist in the army.

Also, don’t ever brag about being in the top 15%.


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