On your nazi acquaintances

I am a Jewish woman, with family who were killed in the Holocaust. I recently travelled to visit two of my close friends, and to see the country that they are from. While I was there visiting, I realised that some of their friends they were introducing to me are Nazis. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t say anything while there, and held my tongue until later where I confronted my friends. They admitted that they have many friends who are Nazis, but that they don’t see it as a problem. I don’t know what to think, am I being to sensitive? I haven’t spoken to my friends since I returned home, how can they condone such behaviour?!

Based on the way you write, I’m guessing you’re from somewhere in the UK, and so your trip was probably to Continental Europe, which is to say that you’re not talking about a couple of redneck white power douchebags. When you say Nazis, you mean actual fucking Nazis. Real live “Sieg Heil” motherfuckers.

Ugh, that’s so creepy.

Do I really have to say it? It’s not okay to associate with Nazis. If there are people you know who “have many friends who are Nazis,” and “don’t see it as a problem,” then those people simply can’t be in your life anymore.

Sorry. You gotta draw the line somewhere, and fucking around with Nazis is a pretty obvious place to start.


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