On your tan and your respect.

im gay and ive been dating my boyfriend for ten months now. we broke up like a week ago. why? because i went tanning!!! who in their right mind does that? weve always had a disfunctional relationship, but i really did love him. even pasyt the physical fights and petty little arguements. the sad part about all of this, is tht he cheated on me and i forgave him, but he breaks up with me because of a few U.V. rays? I cant figure it out, so can you tell me why im still in love with this asshole?

Your tan isn’t the reason he broke up with you. Quite frankly, tanning is just a symptom of the larger problem that caused him to break up with you.

He broke up with you because you’re a queeny little bitch.

Yes, you are.

You know how I know? Because of that sound you just made. Also because you forgave him for cheating on you and because you’re an adult male who uses multiple exclamation points for emphasis.

He doesn’t respect you, not even enough to tell you the real reason he dumped you. Instead, he just pushes your buttons by telling you it was something as stupid as tanning.

That’s why you’re still in love. He pushes your buttons, and you’re the type who thrives on chaos and drama. Fuck that shit. It’s not healthy, and it makes for an awful pattern of relationships.

Have some fucking dignity and move on.


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