On being just an asshole.

To be honest i’m a psychopath. not the type that kills people but the type that doesn’t care about anything. ever. i’ve known i was different from everyone else since i could remember. it’s just that now i’m in the stage of my life where friends have married off and and have had kids and such. Many of them have asked me why i haven’t found anyone and i’d like to tell them about me but i KNOW they’ll think i’m crazy. people tend to associated no emotion and killer. the thing i’m trying to ask is should i tell them? i think they should know but at the same time it seem dangerous.

“To be honest, I’m a psychopath?” Great opener. Love the built-in irony.

Sounds like if anything, you’re more a half-assed sociopath than a psychopath. Not even sure if you’re that. Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. Either way, best not to confuse an emotionless state with a lack of empathy. Having no emotions is very different than having no conscience.

Besides, antisocial personality disorder presents with a laundry list of other negative characteristics short of going Dexter. How big a prick are you?

Better question: what’s your motivation for wanting to tell your friends? If it’s anything approaching remorse or guilt, I’d say you’re pretty much disqualified from antisocial personality disorder.

You say you’re emotionless? Fine. I believe you, but unless you’re also a cold-hearted bastard my guess is that you’re more likely dealing with some other kind of non-specific personality disorder.

Fuck it. I don’t know. Maybe you’re just an asshole.

Whatever it is, go see a shrink.


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