On a bisexual virgin.

I’m bi, she’s bi.  Her and her boyfriend have an open relationship. I have a simultaneous crush on her, and on her boyfriend. Sounds perfect… Thing is, they’re some of my closest friends. And I’m a virgin. I should find someone else to crush on, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. It really depends on whether they both wanna fuck you. Just because they’re some of your closest friends doesn’t mean they wanna get it on. Maybe they do and you’re all emotionally mature enough to handle it. Maybe they don’t and shit gets awkward. Who knows?

Whatever you do, don’t fuck them separately. Either have a his-and-hers sampler platter threesome to kick off your sex life, or look somewhere else entirely to lose your virginity. Trust me on this. Open relationship or not, the fact that you’re all good friends and that your virginity is in the mix will throw your relationships off balance if you don’t do it all together.

This is a tricky maneuver for a first timer. If you fuck it up, you could very well lose two good friends instead of your virginity. Do it. Don’t do it. It’s entirely up to you. Just know the risks and proceed with caution.


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