On a girlfriend in the wings.

I met this guy three weeks ago and he’s really great: kind, great in bed, attentive… and he has a girlfriend. WELL, it’s more complicated than that. He dated a girl that graduated from our school last year and she high-tailed it to another country and will be there until February. Thus, they’re in an “open relationship” until then. Should I drop this guy ASAP? I feel like our relationship/tryst/whatever has an expiration date on it and that he’s only using me for sex. But another part of me likes spending time with him. We’re not only hook-up buddies either, so it’s not like I’m getting the “booty-text” every night at 2 AM. What do you think?

He’s respectful? Open? Great in bed? If it were me, I’d fuck him silly through New Years and when the girlfriend comes back in February, I’d offer them a threesome for Valentines day. Why? Because I know I could handle it.

Every relationship has an expiration date, so don’t fear it. Just enjoy your time with him and be cool. The girlfriend’s return doesn’t have to be sticky or awkward. In fact, by being the cool chick, you can take away a lot of the girlfriend’s power to affect that expiration date.

In other words, don’t try and steal him. Don’t get possessive. Just rock his world, and more than likely she’ll be the one who has to steal him back.

Actually, that’s where the threesome come in. I’m serious about that. Offering up a Valentine’s day threesome will checkmate the entire love triangle. Here’s how it works:

If you offer a threesome and she’s not into it, then you’ve forced his hand without being possessive. He has to pick either you or her.

If he picks you, you win.

If he picks her, the threesome offer will burn a hole of regret through his male ego within a month, and you will have sabotaged their relationship by being the cool chick. Not the best outcome, but satisfying nonetheless.

On the other hand, if you offer a threesome and she’s into it, then suddenly you’re the one setting the agenda.

Give them both orgasms, and at that point, you can pretty much take the relationship any direction you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing him, because you’re the one in control.

I know this sounds a bit devious, but it’s not. This isn’t black magic. None of it will work if you’re malicious. It’s all just a complicated variation on the “kill ‘em with kindness” method.

Of course, my plan requires that you at least be willing to eat a little pussy. I don’t know. I guess I kind of take that shit for granted these days.

Whatever. Just have fun.


One thought on “On a girlfriend in the wings.

  1. M says:

    Can I ask a question? I don’t mean any harm or ill-intent. But shouldn’t this girl go through the effort of confirming whether they actually are in an open relationship before pursuing any of this? Without that it just sounds like a devious plan to kick this other person out of this dude’s life. It’s reckless and lacks in compassion, and sounds like the person just has designs on the guy.

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