On marking territory.

I’m throwing a housewarming next weekend. The guy I’m casually seeing, my ex and my fuck buddy are all coming. Should I give the ex and fuck buddy some sort of warning that I’m seeing someone new? Or am I making too big a deal out of it and the guys won’t care anyway?

I don’t care how cool your boys are or how much warning you give, the reptilian part of their brains are only thinking two things: new cave and old pussy.

In other words, there’s nothing you can do to avoid a bunch of primitive territory marking behavior.

If you want to nip the problem in the bud, I suggest you invite all three of them to the nearest tree. Whichever guy can pee the highest gets to fuck you that night.


One thought on “On marking territory.

  1. WilhelminaMildew says:

    I know this post is ancient history in Internet time but I have to say that I LOVE this answer!

    Also wondering how it worked out for the querant. Maybe she got really lucky with a three- or foursome! 😉

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