On a pregnant teenager

I’m writing this for a friend who is in need of some of your wit and wisdom. The girlfriend he’s been seeing since spring and living with for the past couple of months discovered that she was pregnant about two months ago. Since that time she has refused to tell her family or friends, and won’t go see a doctor or make a decision about how she wants to handle the pregnancy. My friend says he has tried to convince her to do all of the above, but instead she mopes and waxes morose about the life she is giving up. To be fair, she is 19 (he is 24), and I imagine if I was in the same situation at that age I would have struggled with it as well because of my sheltered upbringing. I can understand being absolutely mortified at the thought of her parents discovering the news. However, by not even going to see the doctor she is jeopardizing her own health—especially since he thinks she is displaying signs of a possible miscarriage—and my friend (admittedly not the most emotionally capable person) is having a difficult time reasoning with her about it. If you had some advice to pass on to them I would love to hear it.

Tell this idiot to belt his dumbfuck girlfriend into the passenger seat of his car and drive straight to the nearest Planned Parenthood office. They can provide health services and counseling for whatever decision she ultimately makes, so just get her through the door.

If they require an appointment, have him fucking make one. If there are costs involved, tell him to shut the fuck up and use a credit card. If it’s an hour away, tell them to pee before they hit the road. No excuses. She doesn’t get to mope around about it, and he can’t stand there anymore with his thumb up his butt. Tell them to go, and go now.

Obviously, this twit should get a fucking abortion, but it’s not your place to tell either of them that. It’s up to her to decide, and it’s up to him to offer support and guidance. She can terminate the pregnancy or she can keep the baby, but she can’t spend one more day living in denial. Neither can he.


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