On dad’s ashley madison profile

I was printing something on my dad’s computer and saw an email notification about activity on an profile. The username was definitely his. My parents seem relatively happy and have been married for 25 years. What the fuck do I do about this? I’m in over my head.

Option #1 (Cold War): Pretend like nothing happened. Act as if you never saw anything and let the betrayal and disillusionment fester. Allow your anger to manifest as passive aggressive and rebellious behavior that leads to an eventual rift in your relationship with your father followed by a lifetime of mild to moderate daddy issues.

Option #2 (Conventional War): Print out the email notification and confront your dad with it. Tell him to get his act together, that you won’t tolerate him stepping out on your mom, and that there will be hell to pay if you ever catch him doing some stupid shit.

Option #3 (Guerilla War): Figure out your dad’s password, login to the account, and (depending on how much you want to know) either learn the extent of his transgressions or simply delete the profile altogether.

Option #4 (The Nuclear Option): Send me your dad’s username, and let me take care of it.

Reader Submitted Options:

Option #5 (Police Action): Print the email notification and leave it on the keyboard with a note that says, “Not my problem, but you should know that I know.” (by whiskyvangoghgo)

Option #6 (Non-Intervention Strategy): Mind your own business. He might have this worked out with your mother already. (by veritasnoir)

Option #7 (UN Sanctions): Print the email out and take it to Thanksgiving dinner. (by cyrilslady)


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