On syria

What should the West be doing re: Syria at this point? The Assad regime is awful, yet the rebels are not much better. Seems like such a lose-lose.

Should? Fuck should. The west is gonna do what the west always does.

U.S. led military forces will blow some shit up for a few weeks while the CIA covertly aids the rebels in toppling the Assad regime. (I’m guessing he’ll wind up dead, but his wife and kids will get to live in the UK.)

Everyone will celebrate for 48 hours. Then, under the guise of a “democratic transition,” we’ll install a puppet “reformer” who won’t be able to do much to stop the ensuing sectarian bloodbath.

The new guy will prove himself a monster by the end of the decade, and of course, the Saudis, Russia, and Iran will find a way to profit from all the madness while the U.S. pays through the nose to keep the peace in Israel.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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