Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Should we wager on when Miley becomes the next Amanda? I’ll guess two years.
No. Not cool, dude. Don’t conflate Miley’s tacky branding strategy with Amanda’s legitimate mental disorder.

Any advice on starting a business with a best friend?
Treat your operating agreement like a prenup.

I bet deep down you feel like shit about all the abortions.
I bet deep down you feel like shit about your silly religion.

Why do I feel guilty about telling girls I don’t want to be exclusive?
Because of the emotional dishonesty required for you to have sex with them first.

Why do I need emotional closure from a douchebag who won’t give me the time of the day?
He got under your skin. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up.

I hate every man who starts to like me after I’ve slept with them. How do I stop?
It’s not hate. It’s a reflection of your own self-loathing that you use as a clumsy defense mechanism to protect yourself from vulnerability.

How do you fall completely in love with someone if you’ve already loved someone else?
It’s easy, just don’t confuse “completely” with “exactly.”

How do you marry the ideas of “nothing matters” with the importance of working for social change, to alleviate others’ suffering?
Nothing has to matter for you to be a good person.

Can you spell this out for me — if you destroy your ego, what motivates you to bother liking yourself?
If you destroy your ego, there is no self to bother liking.


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