On a sexting conspiracy

I read your advice blog all the time and recently used it yesterday when I found sexts from another woman to my husband on my home computer.  I want to forward you the email bc it has incriminating pictures I need to send to a third party I can trust.  I think my husband might try to delete it through my email; he already deleted the photos on dropbox and changed his password.  Thanks for you help I would not have known to do this without you.

Okay, first of all, gross. I really didn’t need to open up my inbox this morning to find it filled with pics of this hoochie’s pale open ass and beer-soaked tits. Not cool.

In the future, if you’re in a hurry to stash photos like this, don’t email them to an anonymous stranger on the internet. I appreciate that you trust me, but you don’t know me, and it’s ridiculously inappropriate for you to enlist me in your little conspiracy without my consent.

Just so you know, I won’t be keeping them. Delete. Delete. Delete. Sorry, kiddo, but I’m not some revenge porn escrow agent. I want no part of your drama. In the future, create your own secret gmail account and forward the incriminating photos to that address.

Also, never send threats via email. No doubt this bitch is a home wrecker, and she deserves a warning, but the email you sent her contains an overt threat of retaliation. Shit like that is stupid and dangerous. It can be used against you. Point is, do what you gotta do, but don’t leave a trail of evidence behind with your name on it.


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