On another thick skull.

Why is your solution always to run away from problem people?  You even suggested divorce in that latest post.  That’s crazy.  Sometimes, people are looking for tactics, not strategy.  They want to stick with it, only they need some more motivation and a new approach.  Cutting and running makes sense in a world of soft ties, but hunkering down is often the only realistic choice when there’s a web of serious relationships at stake.

Crazy is thinking you can change people. Crazy is thinking you can manage chaos. Crazy is thinking motivation and a new approach are worth two shits when they’re given to a person too weak or stupid to use them. Hunkering down is for people who can weather the storm, and not everybody has the sand.

Hell yes I suggested divorce. Bitch needed to hear it too. She’s married to an asshole who won’t modify his behavior even though his alcoholism has a body count. Fuck that guy, and fuck her for ever letting him pick up a bottle again, much less get behind the wheel under the influence.

I’m sorry, but that woman doesn’t have the strength of will, the support system, or the resources to get her husband sober. Mind you, we’re talking about man with an enabling family who is so severe an addict, he didn’t even bottom out after killing and maiming.

Shit gets done when the stakes are high, and she needs to be fully prepared to divorce his ass if he won’t change his ways. That motherfucker needs to taste some consequences.

And for the record, cutting problem people out of your life is not the same thing as running away from your problems. It doesn’t matter whether the ties are soft or serious, clinging to destructive relationships is always a bad idea.


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