On his thick skull.

There’s this guy that got into an accident because he was drunk driving. He had 6 passengers; one of them died a few weeks later, and one of them was paralyzed from the neck down. He also didn’t get any help from his health card because accidents while intoxicated aren’t covered. He lost a lot of money.

Now, almost two years after that, he’s still at it. He drinks, then drives. No matter how many times he was told not to, he still does. It’s like the accident didn’t happen at all, and I’m not sure if he’s just over confident or plain dumb.

What’s annoying is, his whole family doesn’t seem to mind.

I wouldn’t mind too, only I’m married to the guy. I’ve tried talking to him and, well, verbally harassing him, but to no avail. How can I get through that thick skull of his?

If you need to get through the thick skull of your manslaughtering, life destroying, yet still constantly drunk driving husband, might I suggest a bullet?

Of course, if you don’t have the strength of character to get him to stop drinking in the first place, you probably don’t have what it takes to fake his suicide before he kills again. Your next best bet would just be serving him with divorce papers and cutting him out of your life.

Obviously, he comes from money or he’d be in prison right now, so feel free to take him for whatever he’s got left. Get out now before he fucks up again, especially if you have kids.

At the very least, don’t join him on his downward spiral.


2 thoughts on “On his thick skull.

  1. Karen in Montreal says:

    Oh, and every time you suspect he’s driving after drinking, call 911, tell them his car model, colour and plate number, and approx where you think he is.

    Do this both before and after you divorce him.

  2. TC says:

    Just as an FYI for anyone dealing with similar situations – in the US, state DOTs will often have a “medical review” process where you can submit a request that a driver have their capacity for driving assessed in light of a medical condition (including substance abuse). At least in some states, the DOT will err on the side of suspending the driver’s license if there’s the slightest indication they’d be unsafe on the road. Worth a shot.

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