On when not to go dutch.

I told him I was pregnant. First thing he did was ask if I’m going to get it “taken care of”. When I said yes and asked him to help me pay for half of it, since it is half his, he said why should he if he isn’t even sure it’s his. I have never slept with anyone else during our relationship, or even thought about it. I need some strong words to help me get out of this situation and move on from him.

Okay, you’re not going Dutch on your fucking abortion. That’s insane. You’re the one who has to go through it, so the least this piece of shit can do is pick up the tab.

Believe me, he will. It’s easy math. He either throws down a few hundred bucks now, or he faces eighteen years of child support payments. As fucked up as it sounds, you have all the leverage in the world until you have the procedure.

All you have to say is, “I’m not getting an abortion unless you pay for it.” Boom. It’s as simple as that.

If he gives you any crap about it not being his, tell him that not only are you 100% sure that it’s his, but his name will go on the birth certificate as the father, making him legally responsible for child support.

I guarantee you, he’ll pay.

Get the money up front, preferably in cash. If he writes you a check, make sure it clears before you have the procedure. If he puts it on a credit card, make sure you’re not financially responsible if he disputes the charge.

Once it’s done, never say another word to this douchebag, and just in general, don’t fuck up like this again. Start having safer sex with higher quality men.


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