On bearing arms.

Do you think America’s obsession with guns is more of a mental health issue (ie little dick syndrome or some other syndrome you deem fitting), than a question of freedom? Or is it just about the money?

(apologies, but this retarded article –,2933,595602,00.html – in the ‘mental health’ section of Fox News, has caused me to want to flee this country of gun toting fuckwits)

I own a gun, bitch. A ladylike 9mm semi-automatic. It was a gift from a perfectly sane guy whose dick was well above average.

It’s not some scary device I keep locked away in the closet. I know how to shoot. I can put a quick burst of three in a tight grouping at center mass from ten yards and look hot as hell while doing it.

Have you ever fired a gun? I highly recommend you try it, especially if you’re gonna talk shit about the subject. Take a gun safety training course. Get some hands-on experience to back up those dainty little political opinions.

Don’t worry. It won’t turn you into a republican. It will, however, give you some perspective. It will help you understand that this country’s problem isn’t the gun toting. It’s the fuckwits.

Your rage is misdirected. Aim that shit at stupidity, not firearms. Get pissed at Fox News and all other purveyors of institutionalized ignorance. Don’t blame our fundamental freedoms. Blame the idiots who warp, abuse, and shit on them.


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