On being a sex therapist.

I’m a freshman in college studying psychology—my goal in life is to be a sex therapist.

I’m a sexually-active, sexually-diverse person who just so happens to have vested a personal interest in the study thereof, as well.

Help me prove to a cunt of a classmate that it’s a viable field of psychological and therapeutic study, and not solely a senseless surrender to primal instinct. He says I’m ruled by my urges, and need to ‘grow up.’

What the fuck do I say to slam his antiquated morals on sex/morality back down his throat? Thanks.

Babe, you don’t have to say anything. You’re the one having all the fun. You’re the one studying what you love. Why are you letting him get under your skin?

Quite frankly, his opinion that sex therapy is a senseless surrender to primal instinct says a hell of a lot more about him than it does your chosen field of study. Believe me, he’s terrified of you and your “urges,” and he’s just parroting one of his uptight parents when he tells you to “grow up.”

You wanna be a sex therapist? Start recognizing when a kid has issues. You’ve got nothing to prove to him. There’s no need to slam him, and if anything, you should pity him.


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