On being a teenage girl.

I’m 15 and I recently broke up with my first boyfriend, after 2 and a half years of dating and a year and a half of long distance. I’m over him, but since I was just 13 when I got together with him, I’m new to this whole being single thing, and it bothers me that people see me as available, because I don’t consider myself to be available.

Then I met this guy who I kinda fell for real hard, and he seems to be falling for me too. The thing is, he not only has a girlfriend, he’s one of those people who likes to indulge in other girls while dating someone. People like him always bothered me, but now I just want to take whatever he gives and run with it.

He’s also a really close friend of mine and he shares his problems and all with me, like girl problems, too. And it hurts when he talks about her. A couple of days ago, they were having a huge fight, and I could have gotten in his head and broken them up, I guess, but I didn’t. I told him he should hang on and try to make it work.

Would you say it’s either of the things I’m doing is a good idea? I just need a little help, please.

Your numbers don’t add up, but for the sake of argument lets just go with the stereotype and assume you’re bad at math.

As it stands, you’re a fifteen year old girl coming out of a four year relationship whose primary complaint is that men are finding you too available. Right, well. That’s already nice and creepy.

Let me guess. You’ve had tits since you were eleven, and you come from central Florida or some other third-world country. You’re a little bit overweight, a little bit religious, and you swallow male attention without chewing it.

You’ve figured out the awkward power you have over boys, but you don’t have a fucking clue what to do with it. That makes you a dangerous little creature, a backwoods shotgun wedding waiting to happen.

Whatever you do, sweetie, please don’t get pregnant. I’m willing to bet it’s a long drive to planned parenthood, and you don’t even have a learner’s permit.

As for the stupid mind games you’re playing, just be a good person and treat yourself with respect. I promise, you’ll have lots of crushes. Most of it’s bullshit and none of it really matters for a few more years.

Your only goal should be to learn to love yourself. If you can pull that off before the real world gets you, it’ll be a different kind of life.


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