On bucking the fuck up

Do you ever actually put yourself in other people’s shoes? You tell people to, but the thing is, you’re self described as smart, well-off, hot, and cool, and desirable as hell. Most of the rest of us aren’t. How are we seriously supposed to be able to behave and act the same way you do, and carry ourselves with your crazy confidence, and live our lives with so much dignity and confidence that you do, when most of us are barely one of those things? Get off your high horse sometimes and realize that most of us don’t possess the qualities you have, and it’s not because we haven’t tried hard enough or we’re spending too much self pitying. It’s because that’s the way it fucking is.

Get off my high horse? Fuck you.

Quit whining and do something fabulous with your life. You have an internet connection and a firm grasp of the English language. That’s already more than most.

I’m sorry that you didn’t win the genetic lottery, but tough shit. Most people are ugly, and none of us are as pretty as the freaks on TV. Get over it.

Buck up and have some fucking character. Chisel the chip off your shoulder and develop a little personal style.

Be interesting. Be positive. Be your own person.

Remember, dignity and confidence doesn’t flow from beauty. Beauty flows from dignity and confidence.

That’s the way it fucking is.


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