On calling him on that shit.

My professor said something to the effect of “women are easy to pick on because they’re weaker” in class the other day. He didn’t qualify it to be within the context of the movie we were talking about. Am I a FemiNazi if I call him on that shit?

No, but you shouldn’t necessarily rise to the bait. A line like that from a male professor could easily be a setup.

He talks a little shit, waits for an emotional response from one of his female students, and then hammers her with whatever agenda he’s got in his back pocket. It’s a dick move, but professors prove points like that all the time.

I don’t know if that’s the case here, but generally speaking, calling someone on his shit requires a little strategy. Remember, whoever has something to prove in the argument is always the one at a disadvantage.

Don’t be the one with something to prove. Don’t be on the defense. The best way to do that is just turn his statement into a question and send it back to him so that he’s the one that has to prove it.

Get Socratic on his ass.


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