On cheater’s guilt

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years last November. He hasn’t returned my texts or calls since January.

The bigger story here is that for the last 8 months of our relationship, I was in contact with another guy that I had been with previously. It was pretty serious, to the point that we were physical and said we loved each other and we are now in a relationship. My ex found out about the cheating while we were together. He did ask me about it a couple of times and I flat out lied.

I just want my ex to know that I’m sorry, but he won’t respond to my calls or texts. Should I keep trying or just drop it? Is he punishing me for lying about my old flame? And now I’m also worried the karma from this will catch up to my old flame and I’s new relationship. What should I do?

Ugh. People like you drive me crazy. “I just want my ex to know that I’m sorry.” Bullshit. You want forgiveness. You want absolution. Your motives are selfish.

Your ex isn’t punishing you. You don’t get to be the victim here. You’re the cheater. Hell, you’re the worst kind of cheater. You spent a third of your former relationship engaged in an intimate affair and you lied about it.

Fuck off, already. Just leave your ex alone. This is your guilt to deal with, and if it’s corrosive to your current relationship, tough shit. You earned it.


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