On cougar sugar

so my bf was with a “cougar” before me. he’s 21. she’s in her mid/late 30s. when i got with him after her, he told me there was never a real connection between the two of them and that i had nothing to worry about. she works across the street from him. well, when they were seeing each other, she had cell phones turned on in her name. he had an old crappy one before and she bought him a used one and got it in service for him without his knowledge. when she gave it to him, he asked if he was supposed to pay his half of the bill and she said no. well, she just got service through a different provider and got him a brand new phone. it bothers me. he knows it. should i care or just get over it?

Yeah, she’s still fucking him.

Maybe not this month, maybe not even actual intercourse, but I guarantee she’s had contact with his penis during business hours that you don’t know about.

Sure, there was never a “real connection” between them, but that probably makes it easier to justify a little meaningless sex.

She’s paying phone bills, for fuck’s sake. That’s no average cougar. That’s the work of a sugar mama keeping her boy on a digital leash.

I’m not saying that your boyfriend is full-on cheating. Hell, she may just be keeping him warm until you’re done.

Don’t kid yourself, though. That shit ain’t charity, and she’ll be the first to know when you stop calling him.


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