On lashing out.

I was starting to get involved with this guy a couple weeks back. I felt there was something weird going on, so I asked him about it, he said everything was cool, still I feel the need to mention to him that he shouldn’t fuck with me. He adds me on facebook, it says he’s engaged, his explanation is that he has no computer to fix any of the outdated info, but he’s single. Later I tag a photo of him and I’m immediately deleted. I contact his fiance and tell her all about everything. (I think it’s only fair, since hes lying to both of us and I told him not to fuck with me) My question is, I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Should I feel accomplished? proud? Or just plain miserable?

Accomplished? Proud? Fuck you. You should feel ashamed. You dropped a grenade into some poor girl’s engagement out of anger and spite. Sure, the relationship may have been flawed, but what business is that of yours?

Don’t pretend for one second that you were acting out of some altruistic sense of sisterhood. You weren’t trying to protect her from a cheating fiance. You were just lashing out at the guy for lying. That shit was vengeance, pure and simple.

He deserved it, but she didn’t. You used her as emotional cannon fodder, and that’s not cool. Revenge should never have collateral damage.

Next time, just walk away.

Also, stop announcing to people that they shouldn’t fuck with you. It’s a childish threat that accomplishes nothing. At best, it’s a sign of weakness. At worst, it’s a sign that you’re batshit insane.


One thought on “On lashing out.

  1. Karen in Montreal says:

    If my fiance were cheating on me, I would really really want to know. And it wasn’t the denouncer who blew that relationship up, it was the cheater.
    If they have an open relationship and nobody’s lying to anybody, then no harm, no foul.

    I think a lot of people get away with crappy behaviour because too many of us turn away and pretend we didn’t see. I think keeping my mouth shut about this kind of situation is collaborating with the assholes of the world.

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