On conspiracy theories.

I don’t get how someone as smart as you fell in the Assange/wikileaks trap. He’s obviously made up. You think there is someone so powerful as to manage to put secret documents online and governments can’t find a way to shut it down?

There is too much fuss about it. He’s too charismatic. And I didn’t need wikileaks to know the kind of stuff that they revealed. They revealed nothing too shocking or too compromising.

You know what? They build it. They created it. Wikileaks will only help keep the masses undercontrol.

The truth has always been there. In front of us for most to deny it and few to accept it.

I assume you read 1984. Well, don’t you see it? There you have your own government-invented Goldstein, just a bit more attractive, right to be at pace with the contemporary age.

Paranoid conspiracy theories are on par with all the other grandiose delusions that manage to put your otherwise insignificant ego at the center of some vast and organized plan. At the end of the day, a dystopian vision is just as self-serving as a utopian one.

Sorry, Mr. Crazypants. There is no “they” just like there is no god.

Just take your meds, and please don’t buy a gun.


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